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Sadly while porn stars are heros with a cult status, prostitutes are despised.Porn makes us a nation of zombies content watching others have sex. "The reason why porn is legal and prostitution is not is simple" Yes, it is a form expression which is protected by the first amendment, the other is not. One more point, to Rubicon who says "America, a nation of pathetic people, and especially a media who think this story has merit." Trust me Rubicon, if the Post thought this story had merit they wouldn't have assigned it to this blog.

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-the fact of the matter is that hard core porn is one of the most desructive forces at work in the world today-it's been the cause of financial ruin,broken relationships and the emotional and sexual isolation of millions of people-the soulless exploiters involed in this sordid business are no better than drug pushers...

I can never understand the hypocracy of our society when it comes to sex.

When this criminal act failed Carol had a VA Dr Biswas file an involuntary commitment order.

It was determined that the order had no merit, so I was set free again.

Now again she is going to enlarge her election campaign to include there consideration of her own and her fans cliters, isn't she? Then again, I'm sure the three of them might hit it off as well. But now that she has decided to get into political issues by rendering her endorsements, JJ exposes the whole political scene for what it really is. What business is it of his what legal profession she chooses to pursue? Now, I'm no fan of her chosen profession, I think it's bad, but it's legal so far as I can tell.

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