Dating woman hunters

According to Yan Hongyu, the agency’s senior manager tasked with ensuring the weekend runs smoothly, they must also “be aware of the three subordinates”, referring to the Confucian belief that a woman should be subordinate to her father when she is a child, her husband when she is married, and her son in her dotage.

Aged between 22 and 32, the women in Hainan range from university students to bankers and fashion designers; they’re beautiful, tall and slender.

“I want to find a loving man who is good to me, who is very experienced, who is mature, who respects and loves himself.

Someone who is very responsible.” Although too polite to say it, Ruby is also looking for someone rich.

The men are mostly aged between 40 and 60, and many have ample bellies.

They are mostly fuyidai or first-generation rich, having made their fortunes in property, shipping and industry, or as powerful government officials.

“Superficially, you think these men are just looking for very beautiful women,” explains Ren Xuemei, Diamond Love’s chief marriage counsellor. Our members have social responsibilities; they are from big wealthy families or are in charge of big companies.” To the men, the ability to entertain clients or fit in at social functions is vital, she says.

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