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While things might get weird and sometimes uncomfortable, truth or dare is often really funny as well.

If you’ve already chosen players and brainstormed questions and dares, the best way to play truth or dare is to have everyone sit in a circle.

takes world of viral-friendly truth-or-dare challenges to the next level.

The first trailer, featuring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, has arrived and showcases the dark side of the Internet. Roberts plays Vee, a high school senior who hasn’t been “living life,” so she does what anyone who’s having a late-teen life crisis might do: participate in a series of intense competition of dares for the watchers on the Web.

We fought through briars and brush to get to the top of that wall.

All the while we hiked through the woods, we told one another how we were going to jump off that cliff.

The so-called “deep web” is the internet that is not accessible by search engines, listed in directories, or plastered all over social media.

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