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Cox realizing that Ben (Ben Fraser) was already dead.

If you watch it a second time, the point in which Ben dies becomes obvious.

Many shows have tried to duplicate the chemistry between J. and Turk over the years, but none have ever come close.

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It was a show set against the backdrop of life-and-death stakes (literally), and it was often the deaths of patients that would bring out the best in Scrubs and bring us even closer to those characters. Mc Ginley never got the Emmy he so richly deserved for this scene ALONE.

I love Arrested Development and News Radio, but I’ve never felt a connection to those characters the way I do with J. and Turk, and probably my favorite sitcom character ever, Dr. Scrubs was a brilliant show not just because of the Turk Dance (BUT THAT TOO), but because it gave us real people grappling with real problems and, of course, the greatest bromance in the history of television.

Animated television show that first aired on Nickelodeon in 1991.

This series focuses on the point of view of a group of babies, including Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil, and Angelica Pickles.

Early in the episode, Ben says he will take his camera with him everywhere he goes until the day he dies, and after a “patient” of Dr. This right here is probably the most emotionally powerful moment I can ever remember from a network sitcom.

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