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Senran Kagura is officially licenced trademark copyright by MARVELOUS only. character personalities: This is very important in any game characters have their own unique personalities that you get to witness as they interact with their friends and enemies through the story.These are just my own ideas I’m openly giving to the developer. I character personalities • character development through affection unlimited realistic responses based on the characteristics of the character such as Asuka. ARE INTERACTING with Asuka or any other Senran Kagura character that you feel most attracted too in this VR game. In this game’s case we take that concept and use it so these characters interact with you.Though the graphics can be improved to make the experience better, Flix and Chill shows its real strength in its branching storylines and the all-too-real dating conversation and situation that every guy can relate to (sorry ladies, this game is a dating simluation based on a guy's experience). Flix and Chill demonstrates these situation well and the result will depend on what you do. I have some laundry to do.", you know your date isn't going all that well... It seems I have much to learn from this game as I got dump twice in a row!

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That area could be the main virtual environment you are experiencing!

All the sexy anime ninjas could all be laying down on the beach chairs with a drink and all you gotta do is walk up to them then your in dating mode!

(Edited) Main mission: To make this page a creation tool and source for ideas for the next Senran Kagura game with VR support.

Note: I don’t own Senran Kagura or any rights to the game.

• a virtual cafe environment • a new shop with items personalised to give to VR characters In the wake of MARVELOUS's newest upcoming Senran Kagura game for Nintendo Switch which is focused on the Joycons’ HD Rumble feature, I thought it would be fun to present an even better idea for a spin off dating SIM using Virtual Reality! VR stands for virtual reality, a headset peripheral that goes over your eyes then immerses you in the gaming world. How they respond to what you say to them, touch them or give to them is the key part of making this game feel like you are really connecting.

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