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You both keep your base, but spend quality time – weekends and holidays in particular – together.

There are good practical reasons not to drop everything and move. Property could be tied up with children, elderly parents could be living nearby, or business commitments could make moving a non-starter. According to Sarah Howes, owner of introductions agency Carpe Diem, LTA works well for new couples who are reluctant to uproot and sacrifice their independence.

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‘I have men on my books who are more than happy to meet women their own age – and older. Above all, they want a best friend.’ As if to make a point, on the day we meet, Sarah took a call from a client, a 64-year-old man whose partner (to whom Sarah introduced him) has just left him – for a younger man.

‘He thought she was The One,’ she says, ‘but she’s ended it to move in with a 50-year-old. No one will believe it, but it’s true.’ Older women these days know how to look good and have been through enough testing times to take a relaxed view on life. ‘I believe the more intelligent the man, the less of an issue age is,’ says Sarah. I have this intuition test: when I sit in front of a man I ask myself – if there was a fire, would he get me out?

Many people want to meet someone outside their circle of friends and work, but this could mean meeting someone who doesn’t live locally, and moving can be a step too far.

By rethinking how a relationship can work, rather than jumping in by moving in, couples can ‘live together apart’ (LTA).

Article from 'High 50' written by Catherine Mansel-Lewis, 24th May 2011...

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